Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tula Pink 10" Fabric Swap on Flickr

Hi all! You may or may not know that I love Tula Pink fabric. Pretty much everything since Parisville I've been obsessed with. The details are incredible. There's a fabric with cameo's where the ladies hair makes ships!  Then these Dusky Tears are ships as well (sorry about some of the crap pictures. They're coming from my phone in my rush to post this before realjob. I'll see if I can edit in better ones later.)

Then there's Prince Charming that has a damask type of fabric with frogs. And see that this classic clamshell shape is actually snails? Then there are the rain drops.

Parisville and Prince Charming fabrics are still available in fairly limited quantities at places like HawthorneThreads, Quilt Home or Tula has a new line out that's called Salt Water which is quite charming and even lovelier in person than any photos I've seen online. The octopus!

There are great basics as well like these small plus hexies

 Oh and you mustn't forget about her Birds and the Bees line. It has real birds and bees with trees,  purple/blue squirrels and cosmic dust! There is also the Nightshade line that was especially made for Halloween. These are Apothecary Jars in lavender

And the Sisters

There is loyal following of her fans out in the world and she even made a site for me us. It's the I Heart Tula Pink site! You can get exclusive deals and kits, fabric and goods. Why am I pimping Tula today? Well there is a Tula Pink Fabric Swap over on Flickr. So far there are about 23 people signed up to participate for the next round and we could use a few more. People have even been able to get their hands on lines before Parisville that have been out of print for years. From youngest to oldest: Plume, 
Neptune, Flutterby, Nest, Hushabye and Full Moon Forest.

In case that graphic link doesn't work click here for the Flickr page. You can sign up for a spot and peruse the fabrics, by line, that have been used already. Come join us!

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  1. I got there too late :( I hope you'll let us know about the next round!


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