Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh Em Addictive

So Julie over at Intrepid Thread is having this giveaway slash contest. You take a photo and upload it to  Playcrafts palette builder and it's So easy. It pops up with these colors selected from your picture. I was just gonna do one for the contest and... I couldn't stop! I kept at it for about an hour. They get you with the first one then you keep coming back for more. Now I can't decide which one I should use.

Now these are all my pictures and they are copyrighted so if by the slightest sliver of a chance you might want to use one of these, please link back.

There's lemony cupcakes
 Warm raspberries with a lilac sparkle

Sophisticated quiet colors

Summer fresh iced citrus

 This one cracks me up a bit: Christmas picture with Halloween colors? Okay!

Preppy baby

Soft winter low volume

Grapefruit in the desert?

Sorbet, mmm

A cool palette with Emerald and settled by neutrals

I didn't want to stop! What do you think, which one would you want to work with for quilting?


  1. Love the green with neutrals. The low volume is a close second.

  2. Oh you did exactly what I was thinking. When I did mine I really wanted to keep playing around with it. The tool was so easy to use.

    I really like the Sorbet and the Lemony Cupcakes best. Your last palette is a lot like mine.

    Good luck! I hope you win:)

  3. Oooh fun! I love the citrusy ones!!

  4. Oooh fun! I love the citrusy ones!

  5. Ooo that would be hard to decide. I think I'd go with the cupcakes! Good luck!

  6. raspberries all the way xoxo


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