Thursday, May 29, 2014

You're a Winner I can Feel It!

Two of you discerning and lovely readers have won my followers giveaway!

The lucky ducks randomly generated are 3 and 30! The winners have been notified, they responded, and I'm excited to send out fabric bundles to them.

Thank you so much for following the blog, I so enjoy my interactions with you all on here. And welcome to the new followers!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP: Wednesday Angled Frames,Traveling Stash

I'm in the midst of working on about mmm, a hundred projects. One that is coming fairly quickly and I have loved working on is my Angled Frames quilt. I started sewing it following the guidelines in the quilt a long on Flickr. You can come and play/sew too! It's part of the Old Red Barn quilt a long group.  DeeRoo G came up with this great design and her tutorial is here. You use long strips of fabric and the sewing and cutting go quite quickly. I could see how you could cut and sew one in an afternoon. Here are the strips and colors I've been working with

My table is covered with aqua and I love it. I've always thought it was a nice color but it turns out I really like it. I had a little private swap and my partner made me a gorgeous draw string bag that had a patchwork, improv-y aqua solids strip in the middle and it was perfect. Really, perfect. Who knew I had such a thing for it? This is how its coming along

I've been snapping these with my camera phone and the colors are not quite accurate. I've even edited them a bit but the fundamental hue recording is just wrong and the value difference is too big for a limited camera. I'll pull out my big camera when it's a bit further along to get accurate colors.

I also won one of the Traveling Stash boxes, hurray! I've decided to keep the charm pack so I went shopping to replace it and came home with Wishes by Moda and a few basics that were on sale.

On a sad note, the winner of my Hoop Sew Mama Sew giveaway has not contacted me or given me her email so I have to re-draw for a new winner. *update: she saw this post and we connected, yay!

Linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fabric for Followers! Your Eyes Only ;)

I have found such a perfect mix of art, utility, creativity and community in sewing and quilting and sharing online. I have loved reading hundreds of blogs and starting this one. I'm so happy you have joined me along the way. I want to give back to you a little of the love, support, fabric and goodness that I've received. This giveaway is just for you!

(Giveaway is closed)

1. Coordinated Cute

What kind of fabric would you like to win? I've got all these little bundles made. Do you like cute, coordinated, scrappy, traditional...

3. Traditional French General and Low Volume

I did say I'd throw in a little extra, so I'll throw in one of this kind of thread

Feel free to let me know if you like Aurifil in neutral or in color and what color family you might like. If I have that color, or neutral,  I'll throw it in. Or I can pick a color or neutral of my choice because I mean, Aurifil in any color is fantastic. I had heard about it online but none of my local stores carried it. Then I won a box and I really do love it. My machine sews beautifully with it, there is no breaking and piecing and quilting are speedy and work just as they should. I've no association with Aurifil I just really like the thread and bought these spools with my own hard earned cash. My local stores are starting to carry it so I picked some up when they were 10 percent off.

2. Lemon Summer Kitchen

Some pieces are fat quarters, some larger, some a bit smaller. All are brand spankin' new and looking for a loving home. I will stuff as much fabric as I can in an envelope as long as the shipping remains at or less than 10 dollars to domestic U.S. and at or less than 15 dollars for overseas. What do you need to do to win? You just need to be a follower and tell me what kind of fabric you like in general and specifically which stack, or stacks, you like and I'll send bundles along to two lucky winners.

4. Juvenile Novelty Fabrics

I'll leave the giveaway open until Sunday night May 25 at 11:59 pm MST. The random number generator will pick two winners who will be notified by email. Winners have to respond within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen as per aforementioned RNG. Because winners are notified by email, if you are a no-reply blogger you need to leave your email in your comment. If there is no email associated with your name I will re-draw with RNG for a new winner.

5. Cute and Polka Dots

I just noticed there's not a lot of modern graphic prints here so if you like that or texty let me know as I've some of those as well. (I know the numbers are out of order but as people had selected numbers they liked already, I'll leave it this way :) )

Good luck! I hope you win and get a good bunch of fabrics that you like :) I am responding to all of your comments so if you don't hear from me you are probably a no-reply blogger and I have no way to reach you and you won't be able to win. How do you check if you are no-reply? Wendy at On the Windy Side can help.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winners DCARGILL and 3 More!

Hi everyone! So happy to have you all visit me over the Giveaway Week. I do have an awesome giveaway for followers going up tomorrow. I was going to post it on Sunday but things happen (I'll tell ya if you want to know :) ). I'll throw in a few extras to make up for the extra day. We've got some winners.

Happy Sew Mama Sew Hoop Giveaway winner is Lucky Number 72! Who said:

dcargillMay 14, 2014 at 3:04 PM
I love bright colors but teal is my favorite. The combination you have already made with red & teal is great!

dcargill, I'm having a hard time finding a way to contact you, if you could email me your address that'd be great or let me know your name on bloglovin' so I can contact you. Thanks!

(full disclosure, I had to remove duplicate comments and my own comments to get a true number count.)

And the Heather Ross Flannel Giveaway winners are: 4, 113 and 109 who are respectively:

4- Sel who said. :SelMay 13, 2014 at 4:18 PM
Munki-munki! Cutest ever! Thanks for the giveaway!

113-MichelleMay 16, 2014 at 11:09 AM
I love fabric or gift cards to amazon or a fabric store

Julia GlotovaMay 16, 2014 at 7:44 AM
I like to get flowers as a present :)

Thanks for a chance to win! julia(dot)glotova(at)gmail(dot)com

I had a great time reading through everyone's answers. Some of you pick out what you want yourselves and help others give it to you, many of you would be happy with fabric or gift cards for fabric/supplies and some wish others would give them thoughtful gifts. I hope all of us have the chance to give or get presents that are just perfect, because you know people and are known, loved and appreciated. I love you and appreciate you :) Thanks for coming by future besties. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Supplies Giveaway!

Hi! I almost forgot I was saving this for the SMS Giveaway! Silly me :)
*Giveaway Now Closed*

I'd always thought it was an urban myth that people would walk into their local TJMaxx's and find Heather Ross prints on PJ's. Well guess what! Ok, you don't have to guess since you've seen already, but I found some and they were on sale for 10 dollars or so. And since there's probably around a yard or so of fabric once you cut them all up that's not bad :)

Now this is the flannel fabric so it's the teensiest bit fuzzy. I don't drink coffee but I do think the donuts, sticks and sugar are cute. As is the little tag

Would you like some? Since there are some sleeves and legs, how about we have 3 winners? I'll have the Random Number Generator select three different people. Since I love presents how about you answer this: What's a present would you like to receive? (or give, fine :) )

Celebratory Monkey! And just another shot of the price tag because it's fun too. No one will ever know if these are the perfect pajamas as I'm cuttin' 'em up, bahaha!

*Giveaway Now Closed*
 Giveaway ends May 16th at 12 a.m. MST (That's 12 midnight). Winner will be notified within three days. Winner  will be notified here and by email. Winning will be sent within 30 days. If winners do not respond within 24 hours new winners will be randomly selected as per above.

*I've already had a few no-reply bloggers enter.  If you are a no-reply blogger I will re-draw, sorry.  It's safer to leave your email in your answer like this: coolestpersonname {at} gmail [dot] com. If you don't get responses to blog comments you are probably no-reply. Only one comment per person counted in giveaway. 

I normally reply to all comments but for a Heather Ross giveaway I'll probably throw in the flannel monkey towel and just say I do so love that you've come all the way over to my blog, Thank you!  I'd love if you followed me and am doing a follower giveaway on Sunday :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

So I was messing around with my blog header to make it a bit more sew-y and came up with this

But in the process messed up did something not according to plan, so I had to revert to a text only header. Oh well! In the mean time, I was thinking I'd offer up a hand-made good! I'm Jennifer and I love to sew, quilt, swap and make.

And I've been making a hoop pocket sewing kit and making sure it's extra cute with a little embroidery

I'm not sure that this will end up being a hoop for the person I'm giving it to as they have one already and I have some other ideas I can use. (A-if you see this, don't worry, there are still surprises for you :) )

*Giveaway Now Closed*
Would you like one too? I'd like to make you your own. Let me know in the comments what color or colors you like and I'll make you one if you win! The only caveat is that I'm not sure a hoop would survive a trip overseas in an envelope. So if you win and you're overseas you have the choice of risking it or having me make you a non-hoop sewing kit. Your choice :)

Now if you'd like to become a new follower that'd be lovely but it's not required. If you do, make sure to come back Sunday and I'll do a giveaway just for you. Sew Mama Sew giveaway link here.

*Giveaway Now Closed*
Giveaway ends May 16th at 12 a.m. MST (That's 12 midnight). Winner will be notified within three days. Winner picked by Random Number Generator and will be notified here and by email. Winning will be sent within 30 days. If winner does not respond within 24 hours a new winner will be randomly selected as per above.

*I've already had a few no-reply bloggers enter.  I can't contact you if you're no-reply, so you won't be able to win. If you are a no-reply blogger I will re-draw, sorry.  It's safer to leave your email in your answer like this: coolestpersonname {at} gmail [dot] com. Duplicate comments will be deleted or not-counted. One comment per person. 

Would you all just believe that I super love that you've come all the way over to my blog and I heart you! I'll try and keep up with giveaway day comments but it's a lot! I'm also giving away some Heather Ross in the supplies SMS giveaway here. *Giveaway now closed*

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Full Apron in Fall Colors

A bit retro (happy birthday!) full apron made in Autumn colors.

I made it for a Birthday swap on Flickr. Each month one person gets presents for their birthday from everyone else. What fun to have your birthday be all month! CosbyGryffin said that she likes fall colors, orange, mustard, purple, green and red. When she said she also likes to cook I thought I'd take a dive right in and make an apron.

When I thought of my fabrics I thought of the Metro Cafe utensils since it seemed like it was full of the evening colors of fall. The sun setting low on the horizon with melting golds, oranges and mustards, with aqua creeping in on the edges of night. Perfect. I thought of the Alexander Henry Farmdale mustard fabric to be the accompaniment with an accent ruffle of orange. Don't quite remember what that one is. Might be a halloween fabric?

I like to keep all the seams neat and covered in something like an apron. I think it lasts longer, possibly, and since you might get peeks as you move around the kitchen I like it to be finished.

The top is fairly straight forward with the bottom curved out to meet the waist band. That seems to help it fit better and balance the weight of the gathered skirt.

Just a basic strap for the neck. Two long pieces of fabric, folded over a quarter inch on each side and sewed around the edges. You just tuck the two pieces of the strap up against the already sewn together inside out of the top. I like to do a little top stitching to finish it off and help strengthen the straps.

Here's how the back looks

The seams are folded a quarter inch, then again. The ruffle and mustard are sewn on with the mustard piece a bit longer to fold over then seam in the back then get top stitched from the front. Sort of a faux french seam.

I like the ties less than 2 inches wide and fairly long. That way you can have a big bow in back or loop and tie it in the front. That'd give a nice accent to the metro cafe brown. Also, lets be frank. When you're gifting an item to wear and are not sure the size and length of the receiver it's good to have some leeway :)

Happy Birthday!