Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuestash or Not to Stash

There was a shop hop in my neck of the woods. There was no way I was going make it to all of the shops but I figured the ones that were near me would have sales and free things. I was right, score! These fabrics were on sale for $3.99 a yard! (I'm doing an awkward "running man" dance in my head.) They were either basic enough to use with everything or odd enough to be adopted by my cupboard.

The second set I have just wanted forever and they weren't even on sale, I think, but I did get one whole dollar off. Deal. I just got about a quarter yard of each. Now I just need to track down that deer print from the same Timber and Leaf Line and I'll be set.

The answer is, of course, yes to stash.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tote Practice

I cut up some fabric to test sew a tote. I've never sewn one before (unless you count the girls camp one summer when we had to sew our own dish holder tote/bag and puff paint our names on).

I specifically bought this fabric for testing bags a while ago and also happen to have some thrifted thick brown cotton for the bottom part. Not sure if I'll like the color combo at all. And no, I don't know exactly why I'd sew up a whole project in colors I probably won't like. Maybe it's because I'm trying to use my stash this year rather than purchase.  In any case, at least I'll have one tote under my belt, no puff paint this time.