Monday, February 17, 2014

Radiant Orchid Sunday Stash, Warp and Weft

I'm not going to buy more fabric. Probably. So this edition of stash is brought to you by Winning! Warp and Weft and Quilter in the Closet
Ty Pennington Damask Aubergine, Not Sure?, Bromley, Glimma Marby Mineral Dust Lotta Jansdotter, Tula Pink Birds and the Bees Squirrel, Not Sure?

Warp and Weft had a Radiant Orchid bundle giveaway and the requirement was to say what you would use the bundle for and how you are planning on putting Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year, to use in your life. I answered:

‘First I would throw a welcome Radiant Orchid party this December, in conjunction with my birthday. After all, the announcement of the new Pantone color is just as important as my very birth. I would hand cut pennants for an orchid birthday banner for me and if these fabrics arrived in time make a table runner featuring tula squirrels that would nigh on float above a cloud of snowy white so that the orchid-ness shines. I’d make a floral orchid hair piece (mayhap with a feather in my cap? fascinator), pull out the orchid colored rose earrings I have, don those. I would bedeck mine eyes with the ‘enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones” and bring out the green. I would grace my guests with the radiance of orchid accessories in the water closet. While they are freshening up I would tie my new hostess apron on, made with layers of light and dark orchid tulle in a retro modern feel. Then I’d put the finishing touches on my purple potato aperitif and straighten the bouquet of orchid flori-bundance and bring out the lavender scented sugar to sprinkle atop the nights purple dessert. The whole while we would let our new beau orchid beguile us with it’s charm, it’s savoir faire. We would luxuriate in it, bath in it’s essence as you were. I welcome it’s radiance with open arms.’ – Jeifner, Second Hand Dinosaur

Little crazy but totally doable :) Unfortunately the post didn't get here until after my birthday, so I couldn't go with the original plan. We did have purple potatoes that day, though. Yum. I'm still planning on a Radiant Orchid party and will blog about it and what we were able to do on my birthday but it will have to wait. Look how great the package is from Warp and Weft. It's a brown paper package tied up in string! It is also, coincidentally a favorite thing, fabric that is, but also parcels.

Just in case that wasn't enough stash for you, I'll share another Sew Mama Sew win. What, you don't spend all that week spending every spare second and moving into sleep deprivation to enter every single one? Me either. I do have to say that I only enter the ones I would really like to win. So not actually every single one. The
Quilter in the Closet had a book giveaway for SMS giveaway week as well.

That one! It's the Angela Walters one. Now I have an at home, in the 
book flesh book I can poor over and handle and twist and turn until it
makes sense quilting guide. Also that cute note and the extra charm 
squares. Love it. She also kindly wished me luck on my One Block
Wonder QAL quilt and suggested I'd possibly be able to use the book
to inspire my quilting. Very nice that. About that quilt... still not even
one seam is sewn. I suppose that's how it goes with a purely for fun
for me quilt. The back burner's a nice place to keep warm during
winter anyways :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moments for the Week, Letter L, Easy as ABC

There were a few special moments this week but I only have pictures of two of them. Hmm. Must take more pictures.

I tried out a version of Blossom Heart Quilts Easy as ABC's patterns for the letter "L". There was this space to the right of the L that was just sitting there so I figured it'd be great for a little fussy cut showcasing. I have a little friend that is just so very girly and loving things pink and sparkly, so I made it in her colors with Mirror Ball Dot sparkle. This is one of my special moments because it worked exactly how I wanted it to.

My other special moment this week was receiving a sweet letter from one of my good friends. We really haven't seen each other over the last month, when normally I see her at least once a week. What a wonderful surprise to see a real letter in the mail and it was all for me. It made me feel loved and appreciated and just brightened up my whole week. I think I may just write back. Maybe have a pen-pal slash real friend all at the same time, ha!

Now, I was thinking of moments because there is a new linky starting over at Weekend Doings. It made me think a bit more in depth about the past week and what my sewing/quilting moment was and my life moment. Have a wonderful week and recognize some moments for yourself.