Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Sunday Stash

I got some Spoonflower for the first time. If you're not familiar with them, it's a site where you can upload your own fabric designs and get them printed! There are hundreds of beautiful designs and you can get them on different kinds of fabric like Kona Cotton and even silk. If you buy from another designer they get a portion of the profits. I really like Holli Zollinger's fabrics and here are some hand-shadow animals that are super cute. How about some extinct animals like rainbow Auroch's? I got the mustardy saber toothed cats.

I love them! They are 2 1/8" big or the perfect scale to make a skirt out of.  A note about the fabric itself... I wanted to show you one side of the selvages. I guess they need to be bigger because of their printing process. They're almost three inches wide, the next biggest selvages I've seen are the Birch fabrics. I was surprised at both. Now you know. The printing looks just like other fabrics you buy. The giraffe one has a "linen" background so it is a bit crosshatched. 

The squid is from Heather Ross's Spoonflower page, the giraffe and skandi rabbits/plaid deer are from Holli Zollinger. It is a bit difficult to figure out scale in real life. The giraffe and sabertooth ones were what I though but the squid and rabbits were about 3x's as big as I though they'd be. It's not the cheapest fabric around but you can't beat the originality and unique nature of printing from a virtually unknown designer. 

If you see a design you like but it's not exactly what you were looking for I'd encourage you to message the designer. They might say no to any requests or they might be like the designer of the sabertooth cats. I sent a message to him saying that if he ever decided to put his design up for sale I'd like to buy some and he responded quickly that he would change it to for sale. Since he answered me so quickly I figured I might as well ask if he ever considered having the design in other colors, it was originally a rainbow of cats. He asked which color, I said yellow, and soon after that he listed a yellow version! Stellar communication and kindness. I got beautiful fabric and he got a sale. Win and win. 


  1. I've resisted ordering fabric from Spoonflower for so long...but I think my resistance is breaking down...Gah!

  2. I have no idea how I've never read through your blog before! It's absolutely beautiful!! ++those sabertooth tigers are to die for!! :)


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