Sunday, March 3, 2013

How I love a French General

I was in a fabric store a while ago with my cousin Ems. We went past the shelf with French General fabrics. I stopped to look and pet and be happy and exclaim how much I love them. She came over and said something about how they look like a grandma's wallpaper. I thought for a second and I kind of agree. But I super love them! I think it's one of those designers, like Tula Pink, that I just like everything they make.

Here's some French General (the one with the greyish background) that looks great with Odds n Ends, Lark and even sherbet pips. I though about using these fabrics for a triple zip pouch, that's why there's a zipper in the pic,  but I liked them so much I'd rather make them into a quilt of some sort. I like modern graphic things like Odds and Ends words, text, and antique inspired like Lark and French General or grandma's wallpaper. 

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