Friday, March 1, 2013

Triple Zip Pouch

I had been wanting to make a zippered pouch forever! And by that I mean about two years. I had seen A Quilter's Table zip pouch tutorial make it's progression from her blog to Pink Chalk Studio's Handmade With Love competition, to winning and finally the February Triple Zip A-long on Flickr. I figured if I was gonna make a zip pouch I might as well go for it all the way and have a pouch with three zippers. I also like the idea of mutually sewing with people,d sharing their ideas and processes.

Since I can't leave well enough alone I made the pouch longer and wider. I wanted to be able to put my e-reader in the main pouch, the power cord in one of the pockets and leave another for a (very) small notebook and pencils or pens. When I sewed the zippers to the pieces with their little end caps I was so happy with how nice it was looking! I lined the inner pocket with more fusible fleece to protect the e-reader. I kept the seams easy by keeping the fusible just to the main portion of fabric or a quarter inch smaller on all sides. The lining for the largest pocket was two pieces, instead of one, so that I could easily turn the whole pouch inside and out for ease of sewing. I am almost perfectly happy with it. 

I ran into trouble with the last, or top, zipper. I don't know exactly where I went wrong but the ends of the pouch/zipper are barely contained in the seams. I stiff breeze or rough tussle with the bottom of my purse and those raw seams will pop out. Full raw seams on the outside of the pouch. I may have made the zipper end covers too short, or the inclusion of the extra fusible fleece made it bulky enough so that the side seam plus zipper covers were too much to sew through. I'm not sure and the directions were a little confusing to me at that point since they were written vs. having photos. For some reason written directions in baking are just fine but I need photos for sewing things. *Shrug *. What I can say is that it went together so much faster and easier than I thought and I'll gladly make another or seven. When I make another maybe I can figure out what I did and how to fix it. 

I wanted it to be pretty and feminine without being girly and have a touch of vintage and I love how it turned out. I also appreciate living in a house of seamstresses. I found all three zippers at home, I had a bag with the white trim in it and there was a hatbox that had the perfect red braid to weave into it. I would definitely recommend making one if you haven't yet. If you need extra pictures and want to see other constructions and fabric combinations I'd go to the flickr group here


  1. I love the peek of blue inside! And I love your blog, I'm so glad I did pop by! Looking forward to reading your posts in my reader :)

  2. I want to make one of these too - yours turned out very pretty. Brave of you to make adjustments! That is usually a process, that takes more than one try I have found. But it is a fun process!

  3. Great idea to make it bigger. I had thought about it without having a specific purpose in mind but it would be perfect for an e-reader or tablet!


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