Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP: Wednesday Angled Frames,Traveling Stash

I'm in the midst of working on about mmm, a hundred projects. One that is coming fairly quickly and I have loved working on is my Angled Frames quilt. I started sewing it following the guidelines in the quilt a long on Flickr. You can come and play/sew too! It's part of the Old Red Barn quilt a long group.  DeeRoo G came up with this great design and her tutorial is here. You use long strips of fabric and the sewing and cutting go quite quickly. I could see how you could cut and sew one in an afternoon. Here are the strips and colors I've been working with

My table is covered with aqua and I love it. I've always thought it was a nice color but it turns out I really like it. I had a little private swap and my partner made me a gorgeous draw string bag that had a patchwork, improv-y aqua solids strip in the middle and it was perfect. Really, perfect. Who knew I had such a thing for it? This is how its coming along

I've been snapping these with my camera phone and the colors are not quite accurate. I've even edited them a bit but the fundamental hue recording is just wrong and the value difference is too big for a limited camera. I'll pull out my big camera when it's a bit further along to get accurate colors.

I also won one of the Traveling Stash boxes, hurray! I've decided to keep the charm pack so I went shopping to replace it and came home with Wishes by Moda and a few basics that were on sale.

On a sad note, the winner of my Hoop Sew Mama Sew giveaway has not contacted me or given me her email so I have to re-draw for a new winner. *update: she saw this post and we connected, yay!

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  1. Jennifer,
    If you sent me an e-mail, I did not receive it. I'm so sadd

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    2. Hi! I'm glad you came back :) Yes, you are a no-reply blogger. You can check out On The Windy Side blog and it'll show you how to change that. If you click on my profile picture on the top right (the light building) it will take you to my profile page where there is a place to email me :)

      Or you can put your email in your answer like this myownpersonalemailname {at] gmail [ dot} com. With the spaces and spelling out things so that spammers don't pick it up.

  2. I am? Oh my gosh! I did the check. I'm soooo sorry.

  3. The stack of blues look awesome!

  4. Your aqua fabrics are so pretty - perfect for a summer project :D I recently found a box of blue scrappy strips downstairs hidden away in a cupboard - I had been saving them for a string quilt - it would appear I have enough, so when I get a few other projects finished, I can start blueing it :D

  5. I love that pile of aqua!!

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    1. Thank you modernmanson, you're a no-reply blogger so I'm leaving your comment here :)

  7. Thanks for pointing out the Angled Frames - it looks like a great alternative to a jelly roll race - or a great way to make a pieced back! I'm excited to see how yours turns out - love the color choices!

  8. Thank you for pointing out the Angled Frames pattern - it looks like a great alternative to a jelly roll race and a great way to make a quick pieced back for a quilt. Can't wait to see how yours turns out, with those colors it'll be fabulous!


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