Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favorite Fabric Swap, I Have What You Need

What if someone has that one piece of fabric you've been wanting, pining and drooling over? It's just sitting there in their stash unloved and unused. Maybe not unloved but surely you love it more than anyone else possibly could. Over on Making Rebecca Lynne there is now a swap going on for you! You list the fabrics you have been searching for and hopefully someone will have it and will swap for something they like.

What would I like? Thanks for asking :)

Heather Ross Goldfish from the line Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries. I would love either the free swimming fish and/or the fish in bags.

Timber and Leaf Fawn or Deer Blue, the one with the pink deer. It is a slightly odd print, looking like a border, but I love it. 

Melody Miller Ruby Sparkle, Cameras Ring a Ling in any color way. I know some shops are still selling this but I'd rather swap for it than buy more.

I missed out on this print when it came out. I thought I'd never use such a large print for anything but now I wish I'd grabbed some. It's so pretty and bold.

If you happen to have any of the dark or black colorways of Constellations I wouldn't mind taking those off your hands as well :)

Linking up to Making Rebecca Lynne


  1. I have a FQ of the Timber and Leaf deer that I've not touched since buying it, I'm not sure what I would like in exchange though, any suggestions?

  2. I sadly have not a one of these, but now I want them for my own self!

  3. My oh my you have good taste! I LOVE these! I wish I had some and some to trade, I'd totally swap with you! If I see some in my hunt for fabric I will steer it in your direction!

  4. My, oh my you have good taste! I LOVE these, I wish I had them! I'd totally swap with you but sadly I don't. If I see any in my hunt for fabric I'll steer it your way!

  5. You have good taste in fabric! I believe that I actually have some scraps in the large floral pattern (last pic), but they are probably too small to interest you, let me know if you want yardage or would be interested in a small quantity.

  6. Great fabrics! Thank you for the tip, hadn't heard abour this.


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