Friday, October 4, 2013

Cairo Star and Loveliness

Instead of being reasonable and sewing together a block I've seen before I decided to make one up. All of that extra time we all have lying around. I'm linking up to Lovely Year of Finishes as my 3x6 Bee Blocks are my goal to complete in October and with the Quilt Photography Workshop.

This is Cairo Star, the completed block. The blue parts I think can look checkerboard or diamond-like.

These looked like sunbursts to me. For the Workshop the subject is 

"Something That Makes Me Smile."
 (The workshop is a series intended to expand and explore your photographs of sewing. There are challenges to complete, or encouragements to follow, to learn about and share our skills.) 

"My Sewing Process"
One part of the design was slightly off so I had to redraft it, after I printed all of them out...

As I was sewing another block up I laid out the pieces and saw a pharaonic Storm Trooper. My dear friend who lives in Cairo, Egypt was on my mind as well, so that's why this block is called the Cairo star. I thought Cairo Pharaoh/Sphinx Star Wars Storm Trooper Star was too long a title :)

"Imagine"or "Things That Make Me Laugh"

And lastly, I also really like this star flipped on it's side. The hourglass shapes created in the middle are intriguing to me and it almost seems to have more sparkle in the white octagon. 
I may decide to share the block pattern, after I rework it, if you are interested in the design. 

P.S. I already got a tip from one of the other bloggers to upload to Flickr first then link the photos to your blog. This was one of the subjects we covered in our HTML Sewing Summit Class by Jeni Baker of In Color Order that I almost forgot about already. I'll have to try it. 


  1. This is gorgeous. I'd definitely love to see a pattern for this block.
    E xx

  2. Wow - that must have been frustration times two with all the teeny tiny paper piecing stitches! Great pics - thanks for linking up.

  3. yes, it is beautiful and i would be VERY interested in it if you decide to share :) great work!

  4. that is some wonderful paper piecing! and nice crisp photos of your process.

  5. I'd make this block! I love how you took the challenge and applied it to the process of one thing you were making. What an interesting spin, and a great series of photographs!

  6. I really like how you used one project for the photography challenge. Such a great take on it! And your block is so fun, I love the colors.

  7. I really like how you used one project for the photography challenge. Such a great take on it! And your block is so fun, I love the colors.

  8. Gorgeous the colours.... I can see why it makes you smile!

  9. Beautiful star, beautiful blocks, and lovely writing! I'm enjoying the on-point version of your block, as well as the "straight" version--either is a success!

    I strolled through the rest of your blog for a while, and am so jealous of your visit to the Denver Art Museum. Sounds wonderful.

    Elizabeth E.

  10. wow it's beautiful! it looks like a diamond to me!

  11. Wow! they are so beautiful. I'm working on a block that's all is triangles and I just realized in reading this post, nuts I should have paper pieced them! Oh well, next time!


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