Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bits, Pieces and Happy Mail

For the great things, I won the Honey Be Good giveaway. They are a store that specializes in organic fabrics. I was so pleasantly surprised with the price of the fabrics! The organics can sometimes be so much more expensive that I find it prohibitive to buy any. I got a $30 certificate and got to select what I wanted to receive. It was hard narrowing it down but I really love what I got. There's a selection of Kaufman organic solids and a 1/2 yard of Geocentric Canvas in navy Trident.

I prewashed them and took some for a spin for a Christmas present. The pure organic by Kaufman held up so beautifully, the color is saturated and it's great to sew with. Before I wash canvas I always Fray Check the edges as it (and most canvas) can ravel badly. It also held up well but I haven't decided what to make with it yet, any ideas? If you're thinking of getting organics I would highly recommend their shop.

I really like the texture's that happened while sewing strips up on my bee practice block. I think it'd be fun to find a way to make a whole quilt out of seamed texture.

There's been radio silence around here because Things have been difficult. It's hard to know how and what to post when life is present in a big way. There's hardly been a moment to myself. I've sewn only a bit. I have been sketching since it's portable and comforting. This is the doodled inside of a card. The front says "Thank You for existing in such close proximity with me" with hand printed starry night sky. Do you know those (*warning* geekery) scenes in Harry Potter where they take their wands and draw the wisps of thoughts out of their brains? That's what sketching is like for me. A lovely small outlet to let my brain go, creativity work and keep my fingers busy. I can sketch with an almost stream of consciousness and let the working part figure out troubles.

So Thank you all as well for existing in such close albeit digital proximity to me :)


  1. Hi Jeifner, I'm sorry to hear about the difficult Things. However, your sketching is amazing. I love where your head took that card!

    I also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. It's for small or new blogs that are really lovely and inspirational! You get to pass the award on in turn to other blogs you love :)

    You can read more about it here at my blog:

    Please don't feel overwhelmed by this, there is no timescale or expectation to continue the awarding. But I do love your blog and so it didn't feel right to not nominate you just so as to not cause hypothetical extra stress... If that even made sense!

    Hugs, Aoife

    1. I find this kind and wonderful of you and will take a bit more time to respond so as to have my head on straight. Thanks so much for visiting and thinking of me :)


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