Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Lovely Finish Goal: 3 x 6 Bee Blocks

I've been sewing about here and there making practice blocks for the 3x6 Bee being run on Flickr. There were also many many drawings done. I think I've settled on this idea with a few tweaks: Mod-Morse Code Bee Block. It spells out Quilt in Morse code! I think that's so fun. The color bits need to be moved a tad right and the elements shifted up and down a smidge but I think it'll be the one. Unless my hive doesn't care for it. Then I'll do one of these:

My bee blocks also are my Lovely Year of Finishes Goal for January. There's a hard due date of the 15th for these.  


  1. That is a truly brilliant idea! Hope your bee mates go for it :)

  2. Good luck! You can totally hit your goal! Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a fantastic idea for a quilt block. I would never know that just looking at it :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love these quilt blocks, they are wonderful!


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