Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something is Watching You

(No sewing in this post. It was an abandoned photo one that I just found again.)

A while ago I was riding my bike, through an area I'm not normally in and on my second ride of the day, when I felt something weird. Like someone was watching me or something. I looked down at my bike to see if there was anything wrong, then turned left and behind me to see if there were cars. Nope. Then I looked up to the right and saw this in front of me...
They were watching me! Weird. Probably to see my excellent aero form. Ha! They were beautiful and appeared to be living/hanging around at the empty house. Probably because no-one bothers them there even though its in the middle of town.

No biking for now as there's snow and ice and cold and mostly it's just wet. And I have a flat tire.

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