Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photography Class for The Sorta Sewing Summit

Look What Your Camera Did! : A Guide to Getting Your Best Pictures

Hi, I'm Jennifer aka Jeifner. I've been a photographer for more than 16 years now (I even went to university to get my degree in it to my parents delight). I'd love to share with you some tips and knowledge to help you be able to photograph your creations and make them look as amazing as they are. This blog is where I share my sewing, quilting, crocheting and other creations so I figured it'd be perfect to host the class. 

Our photography class will be divided into four parts. We'll focus, haha, mainly on your camera and editing then polish off the class with a touch of your creation presentation and lighting. Here's an example of quick photo editing:
It doesn't matter if you've got those big papa professional cameras, a point and shoot or your iPhone. We'll be working with your camera to better understand it's features and how to get it to do what you want. This includes the number one thing you need to know about your camera whether it was made 40 years ago or today. 

Then once we've got pictures we'll want to edit them to maximize their beauty and showcase your creations. Setting and staging can be the finishing touches to make your pictures look put-together and professional and it's easy! We'll round out our class with a bit of lighting practice and knowhow. 

What you'll need:



A Small Creation- a mug-rug, mini, pincushion, pile of fabric, folded quilt. It's just easier to work small when learning new skills then apply it to your king size quilt or crocheted full wall covering. 

A Photograph- you'll need a digital file. You may want to have a picture you've already taken that we can use to edit or you can take one of your creation while we learn about your camera. 

White piece of paper/card stock/foam core

A piece of busy/loud fabric, a neutral one and a white one (a sheet works).

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