Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Glitch In The Works

My computer that drives me crazy I love is getting a face lift. I'm trying blogging by phone including pictures from my phone as editing my camera pictures without the computer doesn't work at all. I tried telepathy and it was a no go.  Not great at doing all this by phone yet but I'll get there :)

I'm making a quilt for my friends A&R who welcomed their 1st child this month. The colors of the nursery are green & blue so I've run with them. There are little bits of neutrals, black & white and yellow for variation. Here are a couple blocks I've been working on. They are all I Spy blocks and most are tailored to the new family. I've got about 15 blocks so far. I'm going to throw this post up and see how I like it. Then I'll try ph-blogging again. Wish me luck!

The camo fabric is an homage to the new dad who is in the armed forces. I figured the Lucy's Crab Shack numbers are not only a great almost solid but will be fun for the baby as he grows older and learns to count. 

I asked the new mama for some memories of growing up and one of her favorites involved going strawberry picking with her grandfather during the summers. I'm trying to keep the quilt a secret until they get it. I'm still making blocks as I decided it'd be better as a lap or family size. I know they've already received 3 or 4 baby quilts (humph) so mine will be bigger. Not only because then it's more awesome, ha! take that you on-time quilt makers, but also because babies don't stay tiny forever and a bigger quilt will work for a play mat, family couch wonder-snuggler or perhaps even for a twin sized bed. Till next time. 

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