Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stash Spain

I'm off galavanting in Spain right now. I thought this was as close to a fabric store as I was going to get

Across the street in Lisboa, Portugal. We did pass another tiny shop that had beautiful woolen plaids that we could see through the window. But as the price was 85 Euros plus a meter so we didn't even go in. We got back to Spain and heard there was a flea market each Monday in town so we headed off to see it. The sun was super bright and every person in every stall was yelling at the top of their voice. Crowds were talking and pushing and it was totally overwhelming. Good think I saw the fabric at the beginning because at the end I just wanted out of there. I bought an overpriced panel because I liked it and there were no more left :)

The bottom part of the panel is cut off, which isn't awesome. If I weren't leaving the country before I could go back to the market I'd have waited to buy a whole one. One always need a giant map of Spain on fabric don't you think? I've been mainly in the small purple blob in the middle, otherwise known as Castilla, but i've been up to Castilla y Leon and a bit south to La Mancha. The places I didn't make it to were Galicia and Valencia. If only I'd had another week and a different brain :)

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  1. how exotic! That was so much fun to read. Going to look into your blog now.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Hablas español, también? Tome tres anos en mi escuela secondaria, pero no recuerdo mucho! Pero, me encanto Espana, y yo quiero volver!

  3. I like to use panels like this (I usually buy them as tea towels) on the backs of mini quilts. I've used the one from our travels in England, Italy, and a tea towel my sister gave me. They are great fun and use up these odd pieces in interesting ways. Fun to see these photos!



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