Monday, June 9, 2014

Cherry Christmas in the Backyard Baby Sunday Monday Stash

There were two simultaneous shop hops happening locally, which means jack pot! I happened to be traveling a little further north and south than I normally would and decided to drop in. Boy I'm glad I did. These fabrics were on average $5.25 a yard. Most of them are from the line Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey.

The third from the left above and directly below is Birch Forest from the Backyard Baby line by Patty Sloniger. It was originally part of a loosely boy geared novelty line. I find that this print transcends boy novelty. It is so precisely, sparsely but beautifully designed. The minimal lines on the trees suggesting birch bark. The bird is a drawing yet manages to not be cartoonish. I think the color and linear quality are so cool and chic. I would love to do an entire backing from this. I also have a quilt design with grey Kona creating lots of negative space that's been floating around my head since the line came out a couple years ago. Look at this little guy! Such a pretty color of orange red on his cap.

These next three are the Cherry Christmas presents print "All Wrapped Up." I think this may be one of my favorite blender designs of all time. What better fabric to include in bee blocks, tote swaps, birthday swaps, birthday presents, labor day presents, etc. Presents!

These are the red prints I picked up. Washing Line in red and the All Wrapped Up in red. I think this is one of the most charming Christmas lines to ever come out. Top 10 or top 5? Do you have a Christmas line that you love? Or a novelty fabric that you use as regular old fabric?

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  1. I agree that birch fabric is fantastic! And I got a small piece of the "All Wrapped Up" during a recent Christmas swap, it is great! I want to do some Christmas Fabric shopping, lol.

  2. Love those ballet shoes and all your lovely fabric. Thanks for commenting on my Dear Jane blocks. I would never normally count pieces, but I noticed that several Dear Jane quilters do so I thought I would. I used to keep track of my time but that was just too organized for me.


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