Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moments for the Week, Letter L, Easy as ABC

There were a few special moments this week but I only have pictures of two of them. Hmm. Must take more pictures.

I tried out a version of Blossom Heart Quilts Easy as ABC's patterns for the letter "L". There was this space to the right of the L that was just sitting there so I figured it'd be great for a little fussy cut showcasing. I have a little friend that is just so very girly and loving things pink and sparkly, so I made it in her colors with Mirror Ball Dot sparkle. This is one of my special moments because it worked exactly how I wanted it to.

My other special moment this week was receiving a sweet letter from one of my good friends. We really haven't seen each other over the last month, when normally I see her at least once a week. What a wonderful surprise to see a real letter in the mail and it was all for me. It made me feel loved and appreciated and just brightened up my whole week. I think I may just write back. Maybe have a pen-pal slash real friend all at the same time, ha!

Now, I was thinking of moments because there is a new linky starting over at Weekend Doings. It made me think a bit more in depth about the past week and what my sewing/quilting moment was and my life moment. Have a wonderful week and recognize some moments for yourself. 


  1. Oh dear ;( For some reason I can't see the pictures...

  2. How lovely, to have sweet moments to reflect on. I agree, the "L" block is ver sweet!

  3. Very sweet moments Jeifner. Your block is very pretty. I love the pink with the gray. How lovely to receive a letter from your friend. There is something very special about receiving a special note in the mail.
    Thank you for linking up.

  4. Very sweet moments Jeifner. Your L block is beautiful I love the pink with the gray. How lovely to receive a special note from your friend in the mail. The is something wonderful about getting a letter in the mail.
    Thank you for linking up :)

  5. Love snail mail! I think that's why I love quilt bee's so much! Hmm, sewing quilting moments? What a great question. I'll have to look out for those so I have one for next week!

    Love your "L: block but I'm kind of bias when it comes to "L"s ;)


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