Friday, January 10, 2014

Lovely Year of Finishes Blocks and Lovely Gift Cards

Last day to get your Lovely Year of Finishes goals posted for January! Mine is to get 4 bee blocks done. Two of them will look something like this:

It's another of my Cairo Star blocks and I still need to do some tiny tweaks to the pattern. I also joined a new bee and want to get my two blocks for February done this month. I'm to make two 12.5" high blocks that have wonky triangle trees. They can be any width. I'm thinking this is going to be a great break from all the preciseness needed for paper piecing. So those are my 4 blocks for my January making goal.

I also had a lovely break from the routine of normal life and had a girls night out. We gathered at a friends house and had dinner. We talked and shared which was just what my heart needed. Good friends make life light and joyful. Then our hostess pulled out paper and we made cards as we chatted. These are most of the ones I made. Paper making, card making, block piecing it's all from the same part of myself. Feels good to just make and to feel prepared for future greeting card emergencies, ha!


  1. I love wonky - especially wonky trees and houses!!!

  2. I just love that block! So beautiful! Good luck with your goal!


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