Sunday, July 28, 2013

3x6 Bee Lovely Finish Blocks

I finished my 3x6 Bee Solids Blocks and got the mailed off. This round I was the Queen Bee. I definitely needed to get my blocks done, ya hear me. I planned blocks, practiced blocks, wished I had the patience and time for complex feathered star blocks. Then it came down to the last two weeks and I had to get down to business. I reviewed everyone's colors and went with my improv string idea.

 This bee wanted bright rainbow colors not necessarily in rainbow order. The blocks are to be 12.5" square.

 This bee wanted pear, aqua and olive colors. I placed the color strips towards the top. I like the balance it gives. I could also see them being turned upside down or sideways and working equally well.
Orange, yellow and aqua. There's an inspiration picture in her mosaic of a quilt that goes in the limited rainbow palette and I always find myself looking at it. Her improv ended up more straight.

Aqua, pink and red. I figured one red stripe was enough as it's a bold color. I asked everyone if they were ok with different shades of their color and they said yes. So there's a lot of pink here.
Dark green, chartreuse and aqua. That is actually a lovely dark green but the shade doesn't translate well digitally. This one just called out for a little friend to be added to the bottom.

I used the same technique on this one as I did my own. More squares instead of strips. I couldn't figure out to my satisfaction how to do this with everyone's colors. It seemed to work perfectly for a rainbow. I may try doing this again to see how it'll work.

They were safely packaged and mailed off. I'm starting to receive mine from the group and am very excited. Linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes. Hope you have a wonderful week with sewing, love and adventure. 


  1. What lovely blocks but I really adore that last one!! Well done :)

  2. Oooh I love the them all & the last one is so super awesome!!


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