Monday, April 15, 2013

Super Covert Robin

I am a good person who puts things in safe places. Like hiding my Covert Robin's address and email from myself for more than a week after I received my gift. But I finally found it in its safe place! So I get to email my person Gigi. (Hi! Waving my hand). I got a fabulous city tote. This is my very first made for me bag ever! It was like getting a birthday/Christmas present! It came wrapped in a bow and everything. I super love it. The green lining is so great with the outside and is light so it's easy to find things.

I got it the night before I left on a week long trip to California. Now this bag was born in the East Coast and traveled all the way with me to the beach on the West Coast. How cool is that! It was a great beach bag. The handles are the perfect size for my hands. I'm pretty sure every one that saw me was jealous of my awesome bag. Here it is enjoying the sun!

Thank you so much Gigi! We could try quilting together this year :) And thanks Imagine Gnats and everyone over at Covert Robin and the link for all of the gift givers/recipients here Mon Petit Lyons

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