Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paper Piece and Happy Mail

How cute is this package? It's from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics on Etsy. I asked about changing a bundle they had and they responded super fast and they said yes. I was so pleased with them and the service and shipping. I've had varied experiences with buying fabric and am thinking maybe I'll do reviews on stores. I'd totally recommend Fresh Squeezed Fabrics,  top notch. Not sure how much I should say about the not great experiences yet though.

I am trying my hand at paper piecing for the first time. I couldn't leave well enough alone and added pieces to the design. I'm making this for a friend and she likes dark gem colors like forest green-no judgement, only love. Hahaha, I heard Kristin Chenoweth say that and I've adopted it. When I get the whole block done I'll let you know more. Bigger cuts of fabric are definitely a first timers friend. It does create a bunch of scraps, the blue one on top is a little bigger than an inch wide.

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