Monday, June 18, 2012

Shop Hoppin'

I first heard of the Shop Hop when I went into a local quilt store last year and they offered me free fabric. Free! I had no idea why I was being given fabric gratis but for a moment was living a fantasy world of door prizes every time I went fabric shopping. Something along the lines of, "You came to our quilt shop today and that's amazing, you're amazing! What good taste you have, here is a free thimble/ruler/fat quarter." Then the nice lady explained that it was the last day of the Shop Hop. A group of quilt shops in the state band together, get a theme and have a small party at each shop with specials. This year's theme:

Isn't that such a great logo? I don't know who made it but you can click here for the Shop Hop's blog. Classic TV shows like Gilligan's Island, Mash, Happy Days, Dallas the Love Boat and more. Two that I really liked were The Corn Wagon Quilt Co.'s "I Love Lucy" and Quilts Etc.'s "Cheers". The Corn Wagon Quilt Co. hand labeled water bottles with the Vitameatavegamin labels. They probably did hundreds and gave them out for free with brownies and cute Lucy keychain charms. Which, of course, I can't find to take a picture of. But I do have one of the free block pattern they gave out. (Apologies for the photo quality as I was snapping these with my camera phone.)

Then Quilt Etc. had the Cheers theme. Outside they had red solo cups hanging from the front roof and a cheers sign out front. When you get in the door there's a table with a super lady who asks your name, makes you a Cheers name tag as she said, "Because here everyone knows your name!" They even had a bar set up in their back room where they gave away free soft drinks and pretzels or nachos.

When you got near the bar they'd look at your name tag, call you by name and ask what you'd like. Just as if you were a regular, "Hey Norm!" style. It made it so easy to meet other folks. You already knew their name and that they love fabric as much as you do! I'd call out to people coming in the door with their names and every one was smiles and giggles, relaxed and happy. They even had a water pong game set up:

All of the shops had specials going on like this:

Quilts Etc. not only had the sale and free block pattern but a whole other pattern too! What generous and wonderful folks fabric lovers are.

It felt like my own special quilt retreat for the weekend. Some beautiful new fabrics came home with me. I even found new combinations of them that I may not have thought of if I hadn't seen them piled on top of each other at the cutting tables. I resisted The Ghastlies once again. I know if I got one little bitty piece I'd have to get all of it. Obsessed much. Thanks for sticking around for the long ramble and fuzzy photos, maybe next time you'll go Shop Hopping too! Cheers

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